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If you’ve arrived at this page, it’s quite likely you’re the lucky (depending on who you ask) recipient of a Limited Edition LMGC Box of Delights… if that’s the case it also means you hold an influential position at one of my favourite UK creative agencies… and it means I’d like you to hire me.

When I was planning my application I thought to myself, “If I were in their shoes, what would I want to see? More than anything, I’d want to see character, I’d want to know who this person is… but is that what you want?”

Well then I saw these Tweets:

…and it gave me the push I needed to really put my character into my applications (although don’t get me wrong; I also have skill!) as a marketer, a communicator and a creative, the most effective medium I know of to carry this message is with film. So without further ado, here you have it:

‘G’day, I’m Cathie.’ (go on, hit full screen… you know you want to)
Film by: FX Media

For those who have not received a Limited Edition LMGC Box of Delights, but are curious to know what else was included with my application, I have included some pictures below…

LMGC Box Of Delights

The box was branded using a hand cut template and spray paint. I really like how each box came out slightly different and the small randomness of each one where the paint bled. Inside the box lid, I included a centered QR code, linking to this page, a branded flash drive (attached with velcro) containing a ‘Read Me’ file, digital copies of each printed document, digital samples of my work and a link to this web page – as a back up to the QR code. Contact cards are also included with blue tack, so that they can be removed and either given away or replaced.

Looking down into the box (pictured above), you’ll find a personalised cover letter, my CV, a reference and a Personal Profile document. For privacy reasons, these documents are not available online however if you would like more details on what was included, please email me.

LMGC Box Of Delights

Then comes the fun part! I baked some gingerbread cookies that spell out a different word puzzle for each staff room. To keep them fresh and safe, they have been individually wrapped in plastic and sealed with a LMGC sticker (and lots of love). See if you can guess the one featured above, but play fair… no online searching for the answer!

The clue: Advertising slogan, created in 1993 by Goodby Siluentin & Partners.

The letters: G, I, K, L, M, O, T

Leave your guesses in the comments section below.

…and that’s it! I’ve really enjoyed working on these, now I must wait and pray for the result I’m after, wish me luck!


Inspiration – Mashable articles one, two, three and four and Matthew Epstein’s ‘Google Please Hire Me’
Film – FX Media
Music – ‘Pink Champagne’ by Lovedrug
Filmed in Oxford, UK
References to – Apple iPhone 5 advert, Kony 2012, Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin, Steve Jobs, Apple’s ‘Think Different’ Campaign
Contact (business) cards and cookie stickers – Moo.com
Stationary (box, tissue paper, cookie packaging, spray paint etc) – Hobby Craft
Printing – Fileprint.co.uk

4 responses to “Hello,

    It was for car service giants Gilk’s as a frothy start to their campaign!
    The campaign itself calcified opinion but inspired many to add MOT GILK? into their dairies, sorry diaries.
    Good luck! – Andy.

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